Material design greeter for linux

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I just finished my second rewrite of lightdm-webkit-material and I have to say, it looks gorgeous. If your looking for a material theme, look no further. It offers a load of features and has been as polished as I can make it. It’s written entirely in react to make sure it has an as clean as possible code base and much better performance than angular 1 (the original rewrite). It fixes some bugs with the original rewrite, such as the flashing that occurred right before an animation. It offers what should be a higher performance particle background, Zodiac, and the clock adapts to the changes in locale. The theme now also has support of a feature that I have long been waiting to introduce, UI scaling. This means you should be able to use the theme perfectly no matter the DPI of your monitor. I am the most proud of its internationalization. It adapts almost perfectly to any language, even if the translations it uses aren’t perfect.

Here a couple of screenshots if the theme in action.


The theme is built for arch linux but should work with any distro that you can install lightdm and lightdm-webkit2-greeter on. You can give it a shot by clicking the Check it out link at the top of the page or visiting the installation instructions here.

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